Out and About on Velo

Check out the recently installed bicycle racks at the remodeled George Mason campus in Arlington.
image of bike racks at GMU in Arlington

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Derailleurless in December

image of Fuji fixed gear

My first fixed gear - a late 70s Fuji with 39T x 16T and Nitto Albatross bars.

With the waning daylight (until Dec. 15) and the dropping temperature, I have to find ways to keep things interesting. Actually who am I kidding – I’m just looking for ways to keep myself motivated through the winter months. Thus came the idea to plod through December on bikes without any help from derailleurs.

Having just built up my first fixed gear, I have to say I’m hooked and have really enjoyed the pure connection to the bicycle in a different way than ever before. My “daily driver” was a 72 Peugeot 3-speed but I have to fix the brakes and until that happens, I’ll continue to enjoy this Fuji.

There’s plenty of stock to choose from and to pull this off. What I’ll likely use are the following bikes:

  • 1979 Fuji Gran Tourer fixed gear
  • 1972 Peugeot PE-42 3-speed
  • 1956 Rudge-Whitworth 3-speed

Piece of cake with that selection! So if you’re looking for a way to get through December – do it without derailleurs!

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Unseasonably Warm (and Wet) Fall Day

photo of 1956 RudgeThis morning it was 63 F when I left the house – now that’s unheard of in December around these parts. It made for a not-so-miserable ride in to work in the rain. And because of lovely English weather, I decided to pull out the56 Rudge for a spin since it has fenders.

I took this photo on my way to work (northeast-bound) via the Bluemont Junction trail. Although many of the leaves have already changed and fallen, there is a good bit of color on the ground still. As I stopped to take this photo, my friend & coworker Stephen rides by – a pleasant surprise – so we ride in the rest of the way together, stopping off at Java Shack for a cup of joe.


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Sky Meadows State Park

photo of David Cristeal at Java Shack

David Cristeal (foreground), Jeff Dalhoff (background)

Six of us pulled out of the Java Shack Saturday the morning of 20 March. Those present for the ride were David Cristeal, Stephen Wade, Joel Franklin, Matthew Wright, Ken Matthews and Jeff Dalhoff. At downtown Vienna, we picked up the seventh and final guy to join us – David Patton.

The route started on Wilson Blvd. heading westbound towards Ballston and onto the last piece of the Custis Trail, before joining the route of the day – the W&OD Trail (an old rail line converted to multiuse trail). (more…)

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Wright’s Leather Saddle – $30

image of 1973 Wright's British leather saddleThis is the equivalent to the Brooks B17N leather saddle. Overall quality is 6 (out of 10) since there is a tear in the middle (from side-to-side) although I have still ridden long rides on it without problems. I used a tennis ball stuffed underneath which gives added support but also “gives” and flexes when necessary. All rivets are intact.

Marked “A73” on the underside indicates it was made in January of 1973.
Includes rear rails to accept saddle bag.

image of engraved leather side of saddle









Update: I just got the tear fixed by Bedo’s Leather Repair in Falls Church – great shop and nice to support a local business. They’ve been around a while and are reasonably priced – I’ll be back.


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Velo Gelite Saddle – $10

image of Velo Gelite saddleVinyl saddle made by Velo. Wide dimension makes it ideal for female (or any setting). Has rear rails suitable for accepting saddle bag. Condition is 10 (out of 10).

image of gelite saddle

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Selle San Marco Saddle – $30

image of Selle San Marco saddleMade by Selle San Marco and Bontrager, this is a 1999 saddle seen on both MTB and road bikes. Special cutout area in center with gel to save your manhood. Condition is 8 (out of 10).

image of underside of Selle San Marco saddle

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1978 Peugeot UE18 Mixte – SOLD

image of Peugeot mixte


Frame: white steel lugged; lightweight Reynolds tubing; horizontal dropouts; 20 in. (52cm)
Wheels: Rigida “Chrolux” steel; 27 in. (tires are 27 x 1-1/4in.)
Brakes: Weinmann 610 alloy center pull
Handlebar/stem: ATAX stem made in France; French porteur style handlebar w/ black grips


  • chrome fenders (built-in rear lamp)
  • Rear cargo rack
  • Kickstand
  • Generator light set (front and rear with generator hub)

View more photos.

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1953 French Singlespeed – $180

photo of French singlespeed Davy Delux


Frame: steel lugged 55-56cm with a standover height of 31 in.; horizontal dropouts
Wheels: 700 steel; not pretty but straight; Normandy hubs have been regreased
Brakes: Favorit sidepulls; note European style braking (left=rear, right=front)
Handlebar/stem: all one piece; width is 40cm (36cm c-to-c)


  • New tires (Vittoria Randonneur 700×28, white)
  • All leather saddle
  • New cloth tape
  • Regreased front/rear wheel and bottom bracket
  • Pump pegs behind seat tube
  • Custom painted (probably original

View more photos.

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image of Silca pump

Yellow Silca Impero pump has contoured ends to fit on bicycle frame. There is a solid seal so there is no air leak. When fully closed, the overall measurement is 22.5 in. The shortest dimension it will compress to is 20.5 in. Fits presta valve type only.

Other Information
Brev. 348687
Fits presta valve stem only

image of full Silca pump

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